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In Gravity Express, you battle gravity while transporting cargo through abandoned mines.

Clients will demand speedy delivery, fuel economy, and won't be paying for your funeral. You better find your way fast while avoiding the rocky walls, magnets and cannons that spell your doom.


  • A Playdate First: Full Motion Video cutscenes and level-previews
  • Explore 25 levels, with 3 challenges to complete for each level
  • 7 hazards; such as cannons, magnets and one-way gates
  • 5 pickups like keys, turbo and fuel
  • No loading screens, anywhere. @Guv_bubbs: "This... this feels snappy!"
  • Unique levels with their own characteristics: maze, speedway, zen, easy and hard
  • Fully customizable button mapping, physics and graphics styles. Want to turn gravity upside down? Go crazy!

Switch it up!

Gravity Express allows you to switch between crank and button control schemes during gameplay.
Together with re-assignable buttons - another Playdate first -, this leaves the choice of how you want to play the game firmly in your hands.
Note: this functionality is in beta, but already in a good shape for general use.

What others are saying about Gravity Express

No doubt in my mind that this is the slickest Playdate game so far. Top tier production!
— Matt Septhon, Daily Driver
Gravity Express feels splendid to play with its solid frame rate and smart controls. I see it living on my Playdate for a long time.
— @Guv_Bubbs, Playdate Squad
Definitely among the most fully-realized games on the Playdate.
— @Professir
This is great! I've beaten all the levels twice now on my playdate, and it is great fun. The easier levels are very meditative.
— @Karl Smith
Starting video was amazing. I cried like a ***** when I was watching it!

Incredibly cool.
— @fnc12
My most anticipated Playdate game, and it did not disappoint.
It looks and sounds amazing!
— @Rebecca

Windows Simulator compatability

Unfortunately, a bug exists in the Playdate Simulator for Windows that causes severe flickering during video playback. Players can skip video segments using the A button. This issue does not affect the Playdate hardware or Mac and Linux Simulators. The issue has been reported to Panic.

Updated 1 day ago
Release date 10 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorNino [Gravity Express]
GenrePlatformer, Action, Puzzle
TagsArcade, Gravity, Playdate, Sci-fi, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

GravityExpress 1.1.0-beta2 (experimental crank support) 13 MB
GravityExpress 1.0.0 (without crank support) 13 MB

Development log


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I just beat the game. Loved it. Such a great take on the asteroids like game. Landing on platforms is so satisfying every time and some of the precision flying needed in the later levels really put me to the test without being overly frustrating. I only wish for more levels! Thanks!


Part of the satisfaction may be that the landing sound is pretty nice in itself, and it’s volume depends on how hard you land. Did you notice?

Would love to buy it if crank support will be finished and tested! 

A brilliant game with even better music reminiscent of the amiga era. Highly recommended!


Thank you for this great game!

I hope for many supporters so that we will see many more games from you for the Playdate.

Good Luck!


Such a fantastic game! Easily my favorite game for the PlayDate so far! And the crank controls were super smooth and intuitive. After having completed the game, I'm looking forward to playing with different gravity settings.


First Playdate game I purchased here and it's worth it! Dankjewel Nino!

Bedankt makker! Are you Dutch?

Quite an honor! Glad you enjoyed it!

Haha! nope! I just happen to have a lot of Dutch friends here in South of Spain!


Fantastic game, very tight controls and feels as polished as any game with a similar scope I've played. Gravity and the ship's acceleration feel perfectly fine-tuned to feel “natural”. The full motion video is a bit gimmicky but is fun and adds extra onto what would've already been great game. Highly recommended, certainly worth the asking price.

Despite the crank controls currently being “experimental” they're fantastic, far more precise and intuitive to use than D pad controls IMO.

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Hmm, one thing I've noticed is when you hit “restart level” it seems to not fully reset the level (e.g. the auto-moving barriers) which makes it hard to quickly complete levels via muscle-memory. For instance on level 7, these screenshots are directly sequential runs, but the barriers are in completely different positions: Run 1 (freshly entered level)Run 2 (hit “restart level” once)—note that I would've made it through the second time if the position had also reset; or perhaps the start position is the same but the sequence of movements is random every time which has the same result


Can confirm.

However, since some rods move randomly anyways and the rods’calculation is suspended when offscreen, it would not be very effective to reset the position on a level restart. So, this is mostly by design

Yeah, I figured I was treating it a bit too much like Super Meat Boy, and Gravity Express isn't meant for speedrunning levels without pausing lol


Crazy Gravity was one of my favorite games as a kid. Definitely excited to check this out.

Yep, it stuck with me ever since.

You should definitely try the Classic setting for audio and graphics 😉


One of the best games on Playdate. Impressive presentation, satisfying gameplay, and perfect crank controls. There’s full motion video! I can’t recommend it enough.


Thanks! Are you hunting for achievements or just enjoying the ride?


I blasted through all the stages first, and now I’m going back for achievements. I’m already up to level 11. I can’t put it down.


Guys! Definitely sideload the "beta" version. It's "experimental" just in the name, the crank works perfectly, not a hiccup whatsoever. 

Plus, you can always switch controls between controls (dpad/crank), so you can't go wrong! 

Nino is the best!

(2 edits)

Thank you! Yeah I’m a perfectionist for sure.

The changes I still want to add to the 1.1 crank release are really minor:

  • When docking / undocking : show the button mapping for a few seconds in the HUD/UI
  • Replace placeholder listView scroll sound effects (aka level select bips and boops) by more sci-fi themed variants

So indeed, everyone can just go ahead and use the beta already :-)


Just pulled the trigger! Installing now!


Just bought at zero hour! Sideloading now!


Very impressive. Nice work!


Absolutely loved play testing this. Great game, it clearly shows the effort put into it, congrats on the release in advance!


Beyond excited to play this! I lost a big portion of my childhood to “Lunar Rescue” on my old black-and-white Mac, and this looks like it share some DNA with that classic. Can’t wait!


Super hyped!











can’t wait for this …. Looks amazing 


So hyped!! Been following the devlog and can't wait for my PlayDate to arrive to play this :)

Nice! Just a little while longer until the release @ January 20th :-)